West End Studio: 2102-1260 Nelson Street, Vancouver BC

Oakridge Studio: 6459 Cambie Street West, Vancouver BC

MusiConnex teaches and assists children and adults with challenges such as autism, cerebral palsy, blindness and deafness. Dr Ross has taken several seminars to assist in this work and has successfully applied his skills for SIDES (South Island Distance Education School) in Saanich, Victoria, where he worked for a number of years. Additionally, he conducts therapeutic and interactive music sessions for adults in group homes who are developmentally delayed through Becon Support Services. Dr Ross has also been under the contract for the Ministry of Family and Child Development for three young studnets with autism and currently his latest autistic student is making great strides playing the accordion and composing music. Music has been greatly therapeutic to help aid Dr Ross's students' and adults' mobility issues, cognitive functions and social interaction skills.

Dr Ross is also fond of students who wish to study the piano accordion. A high degree of discipline is expected to master the keyboard and bass along with controlling the bellows. Students also must master reading music which is easily done due to Dr Ross's extensive experience in teaching music theory. Students also gain valuable performance skills due to Dr Ross's playing experience. He conducts performance opportunities es for everyone to play for one another with highly engaging accordion get-togethers a couple times of years. 

No matter what instrument you wish to learn, the piano accordion is a great instrument to learn all techniques and orchestral arrangements. Dr Ross believes the accordion is an ideal instrument for music instruction due to its compact form and portability, along with its unique acoustic benefit (i.e., no electricity needed). He teaches a great deal of classic accordion techniques largely due to the Palmer-Hughes method books and he also adds his own unique exercises for better right hand and left hand coordination. Dr Ross also has an extensive library of accordion music that embraces every style at every level to fit each student's individual level of ability and taste.


Music gives a soul to the universe,

Wings to the mind,

Flight to the imagination,

And life to everything.

MusiConnex students range in age from 8 to 73, from beginner to professional levels. All his students benefit with Dr Ross's capable instruction that helps out with every stage of accordion technique and development required. He also helps with issues of their own accordion maintenance and upkeep where possible. Above all, the most valuable benefit Dr Ross imparts is a love of music and accordion literature; everyone values their lessons as essential for furthering their enjoyment and appreciation of music as a whole. l