Dr Ross's desire to assist children with disabilities was prompted by his own struggle with severe childhood aphasia.Through the process of overcoming this challenge Ross developed an appreciation for the frustration and anger associated with the inability to be understood. As a result he spent much of his time during his BMus studies volunteering at the Queen Alexandra Hospital for Children in Victoria. His additional interest in languages and sound-production helped Ross reach out to these children in highly effective ways.

SIDES and group homes

Dr Ross's focus for the last twenty years has been primarily teaching music theory and history but he keeps in touch with the healing power of music. He offers special music activation and interaction sessions to assist those with disabilities (and abilities of all types.  He successfully worked at South Island Distance Education School (SIDES)  September 2008 to 2010 teaching and assisting children with challenges. Ross also spends weekends at group homes entertaining and engaging residents in music-making and dancing. Besides entertaining, music increases social skills and adds to mobility and exercise. Social interaction is also a key benefit of these group home music sessions.

West End Studio: 2102-1260 Nelson Street, Vancouver BC

Oakridge Studio: 6459 Cambie Street West, Vancouver BC

Passion for Music